A team of experts in the field of solar energy, together with the support of an institute of excellence, enabled the project to be launched in early 2021.

After 24 months of work under the CEA Magellan program, an innovative, patented lightweight solar panel technology was developed at The National Institute for Solar Energy (INES)

HELIUP was created in September 2022.

Our objective

To enable the large-scale deployment of photovoltaic energy production facilities with a very low environmental impact.

Yannick - Heliup
Ceo & co-founder

Yannick Veschetti

Yannick VESCHETTI graduated from INSA Rennes in 2002 with an engineering degree. In 2005, he completed his thesis at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg on the development of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

He then joined CEA, where he continued his R&D work on photovoltaic cells and modules in close collaboration with industry.

During his time at the INES site in Le Bourget du Lac, he progressively held the positions of project manager, platform manager, laboratory manager and department manager.

He passed his Research Supervision Direction diploma (HDR) at INSA Lyon in 2017 and was appointed Director of Research at CEA in 2022.

Yannick VESCHETTI is the author or co-author of more than 60 publications and 17 patents.

Julien Heliup
CTO & co-founder

Julien Gaume

Julien Gaume obtained his PhD in chemistry and physics in 2011 from Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, in the field of photo-ageing of nanocomposite layers for encapsulating organic solar cells.

In 2012, he joined CEA’s solar technologies department at the INES site as a research engineer in the field of photovoltaic modules.

There, he developed his expertise in solar panel assembly technology, project management, intellectual property management and technology transfer with industrial partners for photovoltaic applications in the building integration, aeronautics and space sectors.

During his 15 years working in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, he has authored or co-authored more than 10 publications and been involved in the invention of more than 30 patents.

Pierre - Heliup
Industrial director & co-founder

Pierre Ruols

Pierre Ruols holds a Master diploma in Aeronautics, both completed in Toulouse between 2001 and 2004. He became a POLYTECH Savoie engineer specialising in Composite Materials in 2007.

He then joined the industrial sector as a workshop manager for the manufacture of aeronautical parts, before moving on to the position of Methods / Industrialisation / Quality Manager.

During these assignments, he introduced ISO 9001 and then EN 9100 certification, while also taking part in R&D for a new type of composite solar panel from 2014.

In 2018, as Operations Director, he developed this new activity by industrialising and setting up a production line.

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