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Stykon range: dedicated to flat roofs

The Stykon range is dedicated to flat roofs, with an innovative, simple and quick installation system based on gluing the panel directly onto the roof’s waterproofing membrane.

The back of the panel incorporates adhesives to suit the type of waterproofing used.

The solar panel is 60% lighter than conventional panels, while maintaining the same level of performance and durability.

The technology incorporates the latest generation of high efficiency silicon cells.

Weight 4,9 Kg/m²
Power 215 Wc
Durability 25 ans
Dimension 1624x739x3mm
Inspection de l'équipe du panneau solaire

Resistant, lightweight, & high-performance

The design developed provides excellent resistance to mechanical impact (hail) and guarantees increased protection for the cells when the panel is installed.

The presence of a glass plate in the panel provides thermomechanical stability to stabilise adhesion with the waterproofing membrane and ensures excellent resistance to fire tests (B-ROOF T3).

The STYKON panel is IEC 61215/61730 certified and a building certification process, supported by a key HELIUP partner, is currently being validated.

In line with its commitment to developing products with a low environmental impact, the STYKON panel has low-carbon footprint ECS certification and incorporates thermoplastic polymers to make it easier to recycle.

HELIUP Stykon - Product Datasheet

“Stick on Membrane”

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